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August 2016 blog

Posted by dawngriffis on August 8, 2016 at 7:20 AM

This is my 4th attempt to post the blog this month each one before was lost into Yah! Yah! land! Here is hoping this one works.

We have poems and pictures this month from our Banbury Friend Beverley Coleman; plus Banbury friend’s photos to go with them. In addition we have a poem from a good friend Jean Sponcel, who now lives in Arizona; this is to go with her pictures from Washington State.

The other thing I want to cover not so briefly is about the situation at the Horton General Hospital in Banbury, as many of you know this is the hospital where I received my nurses training. It has always been very special to me, and I have always cared about how it is doing. After the Oxford Trust took over the managing of it, they in their infinite wisdom or more to the point utter stupidity, has tried to either close or cut services to it over too many years. It has been a constant battle to stop them. What they have against the hospital is hard to fathom, but that seems to be their goal in life. The hospital is of high quality and the staff really cares about their patients, and gives over 100% to the people they serve, the people of Banbury have a great love towards it. Their excuse this time is they can’t recruit replacement staff for those retiring. If you were to see their limited and awful ads, you would understand why they haven’t been able to.  The distance to the main Oxford hospital, the JR is about 25 miles. In the US that is nothing, but in England with the traffic, and the location of the hospital in the city it is a minimum of an hour, it is no better for ambulances. The hospital warns people to allow an hour to find a parking spot. Therefore in an emergent situation it is creating a life threatening situation. The latest round of cuts and closures they want to do – is change the maternity unit into midwife only, and do away with the specialty Pedi unit. Many weekly emergent deliveries are performed at the Horton requiring physician intervention either for the welfare of the mother and or baby. This change is to take place by the end of September. The other cuts are the very busy A&E (ER) and the acute medical and rehab ward. As I said in other words the Trust is insane. Especially considering the wide catchment area the Horton covers, plus the plans have been approved for 28,000 new homes to be built in the next 15 years. The Horton already covers 180,000 people, and the additional plans will increase the numbers by another 100,000. I realize those of you who are Americans can do very little to help, but my many readers who British and live outside the UK, or still live in England, there is a Facebook page called Save our Horton where there are many petitions to sign, every little bit helps. Here are a few pictures showing Banbury folks at a rally a few days ago, plus another is planned for 10:30 am on August 21st. At this one everyone is going to join hands and circle the whole perimeter of the hospital to show the Trust to keep their Hands off our Horton. The local MPs will be there as well.

If any of my readers would like to have a paper petition to get signed to help the Horton, please email me, & I will send you one 

 Stall at Banbury Market getting signatures & selling T. shirts.

July rally to Save the Horton Maternity

Same rally

better view of the crowd at the rally.

Front door

By Beverley Coleman


I'm feeling they've abandoned me

They don't use me anymore

So many lovely people

Did walk through my front door

It's sad to say a sorry sight

I'm all so overgrown

Left to its own devices

The seeds the birds have sown

It's dark and dreary in my rooms

No chance to let in light

I never know what time it is

As it always feels like night

I used to stand out from the rest

With roses up the walls

But now there's only greenery

No colour much at all


Why have they let it go like this

My master he is old

He cannot do the garden now

Well this is what I'm told

I live in hope that one day soon

Someone will come along

Who'll cherish me and clear the rough

Put me back where I belong

So many many people

Will once more knock to see

An airy bright familiar room

Just like it used to be.


Front door photo by Maureen Tyrrell.

Cropredy Walk


By Beverley Coleman

A picture tells a story

Of a group of friendly chums

Who do get out occasionally

Stop sitting on their bums

They wander around the villages

To see what they can see

So this picture tells you what I ask

They've got their backs to me

There's Susan with her camera

Oh she's spied the friendly fox

Up amongst the thatching

Right by the chimney tops

The church there in the distance

With scaffolding all round

Let's hope they fix the bell tower

And no more damage can be found


The morning was a little grey

We'd had a drop of rain

But soon they took their coats off

British weather is a bane

These pretty little villages

That we enjoy to see

Around the Oxfordshire Countryside

Filling us all with glee.


Cropredy walk by Doug Wills.

Cropredy walk by Maureen Tyrrell.

The Walk


By Beverley Coleman

I gaze up at the hillside

A new day has been born

It's six fifteen ...just perfect

To be up in the morn

I breathe the air so cool and fresh

But I can see the sun

It shines across the meadow

I'm going to have some fun

I'll open up the five barred gate

And walk into the mist

The undergrowth is heavy now

And it's ground I should of missed

I turn around it's difficult

So I do make my way

Along the riverbank I go

No more must I delay

There's shadows on the water

Reflecting from the light

The day is getting warmer

Much to my delight

My walking done I take a rest

There's a seat before your eyes

I have to go to work now

So I'll say my Goodbyes.

Bletchingly Surrey by Darren Hunt

Same walk by Darren Hunt.

Walk in the mist all photos by Darren Hunt.



By Jean Sponcel

If you've been there,

You will know,

It’s the place to go

There are fish and flowers,

Scallops and clams,

Crab legs and salmon,

Within reach of your hand

Veggies and fruit,

Pastries galore,

If I come here often,

I will well fed,

But surely poor!

Fish at Pike's Market all photos by Jean Sponcel

Pike's Market crabs etc.

Flowers at Pike's Market.

The deli at Pike's

Pastries at Pike's

Pike's cheese!

Frisco Colorado by Carol Gillen

Seven loons on a lake in New Hampshire by Deb Adams.

Mother and baby at 4 Corners Farm

All that 4 Corners have to offer right now.

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