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October 2016 Blog

Posted by dawngriffis on October 12, 2016 at 5:50 AM

Oops late with the blog, though these past few weeks I have been very busy. 15th September Levi Jace was born to Jess & Corey is our 2nd eldest grandson; he is a health bonnie boy. Madison our 2nd eldest great grand daughter had her 2nd birthday- she’s growing up so fast.


Where I have been very busy is trying to help the Horton General Hospital campaigners, they are working to save services, and stop the downgrading of their much needed hospital. My contribution is, support, advice, and suggestions from afar. To help them raise money for the cause, I have produced a calendar; all profit/proceeds from the sale, will go to the campaign fund to ‘Save Our Horton’. The calendar has photos donated from photographers who live in Banburyshire, which is the area all around Banbury where residents live who use the Horton. I will put a link to it at the end of the blog; hopefully I can make it work!!! People who have already bought it have said ‘the pictures are amazing’, ‘best calendar ever bought’. Each calendar sold will give to the Save Our Horton fund £1.41 or $ 1.82.


Autumn or fall is well on its way on both sides of the pond. Berries are out in UK, straw bales being prepared for storage, foxes are wandering into gardens. In Vermont the colours are stunning this year, they would look even better if the sun would stay out. We are hoping to travel some of the roads before it has passed; sadly the window is so short for doing it. We have bought our winter stock of groceries, so if we are confined to the house because of bad weather, we will still have plenty of food. Of course we also went to 4 Corners farm for winter veggies, also got our last fresh strawberries there for the year. They grow a late crop which is nice to have.


Again Beverley Coleman has supplied us with a few poems, and Banburyshire people pictures to go with them. 4 Corners Farm as usual can be relied upon to post many good photos, Penny, our youngest can always supply pictures of Aubree & Madison, and friend Sharon Styles- Osgood gave several local pictures. Hope you like them all.


Don’t forget to look at the end for the calendar. To get your country’s price click on the flag at the top of the page once it opens, and pick your country. US & UK produced calendars are all local shipping prices.


Dropped and found things picture be Jean Sinclair. Of course Beverley Coleman had a poem for them

Things are dropping everywhere

Dropping from above

Coming down from heaven

On a Snow White Turtle Dove.


A Buzzard flying way up high

He spies a lovely feast

He leaves us just a trademark

A feather from the beast.


Just look around your garden

And over the garden wall

See what else will catch your eye

If anything at all.


An Acorn but no tree in sight

Who left it we don't know

A squirrel or a Dormouse

Don't think it was a Crow.


Leaves start falling from the trees

Seeds spreading their wings

Settling in another place

Lots of crazy things.


But that's because it's Autumn

We have come to expect

Changes there before our eyes

What will happen next.


So if you see a feather

When you pass this way today

Your loved one may of sent it

Just to say Good-Day. X


Robert Bowman took all these pictures of berries coming out everywhere

They say when there are lots of berries for the birds and animals we are in for a hard winter! The next picture was taken by Keith McClellan from Aynho close to Souldern with farmers baling straw for winter use

With all this around Beverley Coleman of course wrote another poem

 Autumn is close


It's a rather chilly morning

And the heating has kicked in

A bit drier than yesterday

So where shall I begin

As Autumn is approaching

It time to clear away

All the dead and shriveled plants

That have seen a better day

There's Blackberries on the hedgerow

Always good to see

Let's pick a few and take them home

We'll have some for our tea

The farmer has been busy

The corn has all been cut

The gardener still has work to do

Before his door is shut

So make the most of what is left

Of summer anyhow

The evening light starts fading

The days are shorter now

So have a happy Sunday

Doing as you choose

Stay in..go's up to you

What have you got to lose.



Val Boscott from Banbury took this picture of a fox in  her garden she says he is a regular visitor who seems to like to sunbathe there. Beverley wrote a poem for him.

Mr Fox

By Beverley Coleman


I used to run so very fast

Over field through wood

Someone was always after me

At every time they could.


First I'd hear the bugle

Then they were on their way

Could I escape those dreaded dogs

Is this to be my day.


I'd run until exhausted

My tongue be hanging out

How could they treat me this way

What is it all about.


But now I am so happy

I wander as I please

Just look where I am today

I'm mingling with the bees


It's lovely in Val's garden

They let me sit and rest

I love it in the gardens

These people are the best


I hope the day does never come

When I fear for my life

I just want to be happy

And find myself a wife.........Thank you Val.


The photo is of Banbury High Street and was posted by ian Gentles in the Banburyshire Info page I/m not sure who took the picture but it fit with what I wanted to post next but again not sure who posted it it is the recipe and photo of the famous Banbury cakes. In the States I use our regular sugar because it is much like caster sugar.

Next  are all the fall/Autumn photos from the US

This one and the next two are from 4 Corners farm

The next picture is one Penny our youngest daughter took of her grand daughters on a pumpkin trip of course they are our greats!

The following pictures were taken by Sharon Styles-Osgood when she visited Irasburg in the North East Kingdom in Vermont last week, she said if the sun had shone they would have been even better.

Now I will try and post thhe link for the calendar - fingers crossed! If it doesn't show when  I publish it I will try something else!


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