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November 2016 blog

Posted by dawngriffis on November 13, 2016 at 7:35 AM

Words cannot express my feeling about the results from the 8th November election.  I think Bernie Sanders said it best when asked about the results he said, “I have no polite response at this time”! Because my feelings about it are probably best left unsaid, I will post a few America pics at the end of my favourite farm stand, taken at the end of the season. The rest will be poems by Beverley Coleman, and pictures of around Banburyshire from friends to go with either the poems, or others are some pictures from walks around Aynho - my home.

Photo by  Robert Bowman


Steps they lead anywhere

Let's go we can find out

Be careful of the pretty flowers

That are dotted about.

These steps have been here many years

They've seen a lot of life

But now my days of climbing them

Usually bring me strife.

But just today I'll come with you

We'll climb them both together

To paradise or thereabouts

Go put on your shoe leather.

We climbed up one and two and three

And then we got to four

I clung on to the window sill

Can I climb some more.

We finally made it to the top

And looked back where we'd been

It still looked great from up above

A really pretty scene.

Photo by Beverley Coleman

Spider’s web


It's a foggy morning in the shires

It's also dark and grey

I went to hang my washing out

But it won't dry today


The spider has been busy

He built a little home

But it's all wet and frosty

So he needs to further roam


I thought I'd sit and contemplate

Drink coffee to warm me

But the bench is wet and it's cold out here

So in the house I be


I'll just look out the window

And dream I see the sun

It's a dreary Friday morning

But the weekend has to come



photo found on internet



They come in very useful

On days just like today

A day some say is needed

But I say stay away.

A day you can play catch up

On all those awful chores

A day you want to soon forget

A day to stay indoors.

But if you do just venture out

Please put one in your bag

It may just come in handy

But I'm not going to nag.

There are so many colours

That you may wish to choose

Go out and buy a bright one

What you got to lose.

It will keep you very dry

Stop you from getting damp

its posh name is Umbrella

But often called a Gamp.

Photo by David Sydney Woodman

After the walk poem


Did I over- do it

No is the reply

Even though I'm struggling

I am not going to lie

On my feet are blisters

But that was my own fault

I didn't put my thick socks on

But the walk I wouldn't holt

I enjoyed it as did others

Even in the rain

There are a lot of people

Who'd say we were insane

So rest is what I'll do today

My fit bit it may say

"What's up Bev are you ok"

Just resting for today.



Walking around Aynhho - Green Lane photo by Keith McClellan

Walking in the mist along Aynho Canal photo by Keith McClellan

Walking a leafy path around Aynho photo by Keith McClellan

Portway, part of the old Roman road that passes through Aynho photo by Gill Batten

The tunnel part of Portway photo by Gill Batten. When we were kids, we always ran through the tunnel as fast as we could, because of the Trolls that lived there.

A walk by Anthony Morris to see and take this photo of Oxford skyline.

Sunrise over 4 Corners Farm 

Fall prices at 4 Corners Farm

still plenty of tomatoes and peppers at 4 Corners

Stand enclosed at 4 Corners but still loads of veggies

Pumpkins, winter squash, potatoes, and jugs of maple syrup in background at 4 Corners

Everyone stay safe and warm - I will do better next month Dawn.

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