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Vermont Hand Knits 

What is listed here, is a small sample of what is available. My Facebook page is current, and added to weekly. I will be adding more here over the coming weeks. Many of the hats are one of a kind, though some I could make to order. 

The baby and toddler sweaters I could make to order, color will be with limitations as to what is available. All baby/ toddler sweaters are made with very soft acrylic yarn. 


If you are interested in any item, please message me. I will respond with 24 hours. Each item has a number at the start, just use that for inquires. Another way to make inquires is to contact me by email

All of my items for sale are listed on my Facebook page  

There you will find hats for Children, babies, plus sweaters for babies and toddlers. Soon many more will be added there and here. 

Washing instruction for Vermont Hand Knits

Pure wool and 100% cotton:

Hand wash in luke warm or cold water, with mild soap, squeeze to drain excess water, rinse well and dry flat.


They may be machine or hand washed, in luke warm or cold water; machine dried on warm setting or dried flat.

Additional care instructions:

Hand knits should not be placed on hangers, but folded and stored on shelves or in drawers.

Vermont Hand Knits.

Shipping cost:

Items will be shipped by USPS first class, or priority mail.

The cost will be what ever the USPS charge is which will depend on size box or package, weight the item requires and distance.

An example is from Vermont to west coast up to 13 ozs first class mail $4.00, 1 or 2 adult hats should be within those limits

Priority mail cost is higher.

Payment method:

By Pay Pal or a cleared check.

 # 5.02 Nordic Fair Isle design hat for average adult head. Yarn is acrylic but because of pattern I would recommend hand wash and dry flat. 

Price $35.00 plus shipping. 

# 5.01 is the same but for a small adult head . 

# 5.11 Rose cable like design slouch style hat. Yarn is wool
Price $25.00 plus shipping 
 # 5.26 Red eyelet mock cable hat, this design stitch is very stretchy. Yarn acrylic 
Price $25.00 plus shipping

# 5.06 Teal and multi red Beanie. Yarn is  acrylic 

Price $20.00 plus shipping

# 5.12 Multi striped hat Yarn is 100% cotton

Price $ 25.00 plus shipping

# 5.28 Camouflage hat, I have 2 the same. Yarn is acrylic

Price $20.00 plus shipping

# 5.29 Blue Fisherman rib stitch hat this will be very stretchy and warm. Yarn is acrylic

Price $30.00 plus shipping

# 5.42 Navy blue with white and pink stripes. Yarn is acrylic

Price $20.00 plus shipping

# 5.46 Beige Chunky hat with a red pompom Yarn wool

Price $ 20.00 plus shipping

# 5.09 Chunky skull cap the color is really brown and beige. Yarn is wool

Price $ 20.00 plus shipping

# 2.10 Baby  jacket for 3 to 6 months, the jacket can be custom made in color changes, but not the bottom stitches. The stitch isn't what I planned, it just happened, therefore I doubt if I can repeat it! There are a variety of stitches possible just not this one. This one is one of a kind!

Price is $25.00 + $4.00 shipping

# 2.11 Lilac baby jacket for 6-9 months, this jacket can be custom made with changes in color and size 

Price $28.00 + $4.00 shipping

# 6.01 Snowflake sweater/jumper for toddler 18 - 24 months.
This can be custom made with size and color changes. If larger the price will increase accordingly.
Price $38.00 plus shipping

# 6.02 Hearts sweater/jumper for toddler 2 year old plus.

This can be custom made with color and size changes. I larger the price will increase accordingly,  smaller less, larger more

Price $39.00 plus shipping 

# 6.03 Nordic pattern Fair Isle sweater/jumper for toddler 2-3 years. This can be custom made in color and sizes. If size is different then price will be adjusted accordingly; smaller less, larger more.

Price $40.00 plus shipping 

# 3.03 Child's hat in  acrylic scalloped with lacy edge, This hat can be custom made with color changes.

Price $18.00 plus shipping 

# 3.07 Burgundy leaf and rib design hat for child. Yarn  is wool. 

The pattern can be repeated with color changes but only in  acrylic

Price $18.00 plus shipping

# 3.16 Child's hat in red and green stripes yarn is acrylic

Price $15.00 plus shipping

# 3.21 Blue and burgundy tweed hat for a child. Yarn is acrylic.

Price $15.00 plus shipping