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January Blog 2018

Posted by dawngriffis on January 12, 2018 at 5:05 AM

This month’s log is going to be unique, and it will be the only one ever like it. There will be a few pictures, but the coverage for the most part will be about someone in England. This person has contributed much to my blogs over the past 3 years. Many famous people get accolades, this time the accolade is for a person, who maybe only famous to those who read my blog, and are involved in certain Facebook pages. Therefore this blog is dedicated to Beverley Coleman, poet extraordinaire, and friend to many.

Close friends and family have shared much to make this blog possible, un-be known to Bev, she herself helped me. Two fellow poets have also written poems just for her. I would like to thank all who helped make this possible.

From Bev:

I was born at 102 Broughton Road Banbury in my Aunts House. We later had rooms at 52 Broughton Rd., before moving to The Fairway on the new Ruscote Estate. I stayed there until I married and finally moved to Middleton Cheney. I went to a number of schools. Britannia Road infants, Ruscote County Junior school ....St Mary’s for 1 year. Before moving to the brand new Easington Girls School...I left school at 15 and worked in the Co-op Offices then Export Packing at Chipping Warden and finally Automotive Products ...I left there in 1965.

I married Alan Coleman in 1963 after 4 years of courting. He was the love of my life. I lost him in 2001 at the age of 60 to Cancer.

I have a daughter Terri and son Ashley and one grandson Bradley.

I started writing poetry after my late mother passed away. She always could write a good poem and I like to think it’s her influence that helps me along.

The following is from a poet friend of Bev’s, he says she will know who he is.

Scrolling through the pages

Whatever might we find?

There’s much to draw attention,

Posts of every kind.

A name can maybe give a clue,

To what you may just see

But no matter what you think,

There is no guarantee.

A lady you already know,

Can often bring a smile;

A thought or memory; even hugs.

A tear once in a while.

Of course I write of Bev.

A friend to Oh so many

Our writing you must not compare….

I haven’t published any!


Words of wisdom written now,

And as time passes… shared,

Generation’s yet to come,

. Will know Bev Coleman cared !!

Bev continued telling me. - My best friend Pat Twynham moved from Middleton Cheney many years ago to run a social club on The Isles of Scilly, they are now settled in Cornwall. They are like family.

From best friend Pat Twynham:

What can I say about my friend Beverley Coleman? I have known her for over 50 years, and I can honestly say we have never had a cross word. We are complete opposites but opposites attract! We met when we were both pregnant with our first kids and started anti natal classes together. Bev was the one who regularly had different coloured permed hair, see through chiffon blouses and short skirts, but underneath she was a different person. I was the ordinary one, our friendship started then and has never wavered; we are always there for one another. She is the most loyal person I have ever known and will stand up for what she believes in whether she upsets anyone or not. I was the car driver so we went everywhere together; we were closer than any sisters could be. When we moved to the Isles of Scilly Bev cried for 12 hours. Distance hasn’t made any difference to our friendship, we may not speak for weeks but we both know we are only at the end of the phone.

Bev does not suffer fools gladly and people only have to let her down once and she remembers! She will give her all; anyone who needs help will be given it gladly without need for thanks. To sum up Bev is certainly a person you can rely on, who will keep a secret if asked and will go out of her way to help any who needs it. What you see is what you get, but I am honoured to class her as the best friend any one could wish for. 

This photo is of Pat Twynham left and Beverley Coleman at Butlins in Minehead 1964 in a baby contest, Pat said it was something to do on a wet day

Bev visiting Pat in Cornwall 2015

Bev a friend to many wrote this to Pat's husband many years ago.

Bev says a good friend she has is Carole Nadin, who does occasional FB.

Carole wrote:

I tried to think of one word that I could use to sum up Bev, could be Villa, shopping, shoes but I settled on Spangles. Why you may ask?

I met Bev through the lovely Annie Bidwell, think it was 30 years ago this year. We travelled to some weird and wonderful places playing darts and we had a lot of fun. One particular night we were travelling home talking about memories and what reminded us of them. Annie said that tunes reminded her of special times. Bev then said that she liked Spangles and use to suck the paper off. How I kept the car on the road I will never know because we were laughing so much. Even today it still makes me laugh and with Bev there is always laughter.

Spangles are a hard fruit sweet/candy as are Tunes, the confusion arose because Annie was talking about musical tunes, and Bev thought she was talking about the sweets. It is something we still laugh about today and happened over 20 years ago!!

Spangles that Bev prefers! Better than the Tunes below.

Carole continues: She is Chief Sex in the City girl; she suggests events I book them. Theatre shows, concerts, Madame Tussaurds, The London Eye, Coronation Street, Kensington Palace and shopping too. Never quite sure if the shopping is incidental to the trip or the trip is an excuse to go shopping!!

Bev is a wonderful friend to have; she would do anything for you, listen to your woes, give you straightforward advice or just gives you a hug. As friends, we don’t have to speak every day, or see each other on a regular basis, we always know the other is there and Bev is always there if you need her.

One last thing and sorry if you don’t get this it’s a poem I wrote for her on her 75th birthday

Bev at her 75th birthday

The big sister in our Sister Act

That truly is a certain fact

Villa at home where will she be?

Ghost of a chance her seat is free

Sunny Afternoon, you hear her call

Pull on’t Jersey Boys and get the ball

A pair of shoes? Why yes of course

For Billy Elliott a dancing force

May be something else that suits

A pair of sparkly Kinky Boots

A helicopter ride, oh no hang on

Just t’ Scillies, not Miss Saigon

Loves music on so many stages

Really just a Rock of Ages

Always there with common sense

Never mind The Com mit ments

Must say thanks to Annie B

For a Beautiful friend so dear to me.

Bev is an ardent Aston Villa football fan, she said -'My football buddies are my Son Ashley and Daughter Terri Godwin'.

Here is what Terri has to share about her Mum.

We are a very close family and do lots of things together. My Mum is very special to all of us. As you are probably aware we are football supporters and follow Aston Villa. My Mum, brother Ashley and I go to every home game and sometimes my Son (Bev’s Grandson) and my cousin with his two sons also go. We also have travelled on many holidays together with Mum, I, my husband, son, brother and sometimes my step daughter.

We have also just had a big family Christmas, this is something we do every year, and we all get together at someone’s house for the day. We have lots of fun and laughs.

I also spend time with my Mum on girlie weekends. We have a couple of friends and we like to visit London, go to the Theatre and shop until we drop. In the evening we like to sit and have a meal and drink and just chat (in and around Facebook!)

As you know my Mum absolutely loves Facebook especially Banbury Friends and this has changed her life. She has made so many new friends and she likes nothing more than chattering to you all and sharing her poems with you every day. Mum has always been able to write poems, because she always helped us if we needed one for school, but the poems she writes now are truly unbelievable, and it’s lovely that so many people enjoy reading them. I am immensely proud of her on having two books published.

I am very fortunate to have such a lovely Mum, and have the special relationship we have. My Son is also her only Grandchild and they also have a very special bond and she loves to spoil him (she spoils us all really!).

My Brother would also agree that he is very lucky to have a lovely Mum, who looks after him so well.

We love our Mum with all our heart, we are truly blessed xx

Bev wrote this recently I thought it fit here; this is being used without her prior permission.

Bev says on Friends 

How many of you take a friend

With you all through life

They walk beside you every day

And never cause you strife.

Not many is my thinking

We go our separate ways

Our busy lives don’t help none

As days just follow days.

And then by chance just out the blue

A name you recognise

Excited …Flabbergasted

What a great surprise.

Your friend from many years ago

Has popped up with a request

You quickly press the button

This day turns out the best.

You get the chance to reminisce

To fill in all the years

You talk and talk for England

You both end up in tears.

Why do we let good friendships

Drift …its very sad

Laziness ….maybe

And now you’re feeling bad.

So a lesson to us all you know

Hold on to what you got

Good Friends are very hard to find

Must never be forgot.

The following poem is from an American poet, and Facebook friend of Bev’s


Is it possible to have a friend you’ve never met?

I don’t even know Beverley Coleman and yet

Through social media we have become friends

And it’s a relationship that I hope never ends.

I have come to know her through her poems

Which arrive electronically in all our homes

A lovely way for each of us to begin our day

Sitting with a cuppa to see what she has to say.


Most days her words are cheerful and bright

About her plans for her day or about her night

Often about memories from her childhood

As she writes about old times that were very good.


Sometimes her words are more serious and sad

When memories bring back something that’s bad

It doesn’t happen very often and doesn’t last long

A little cry or a sniffle and then it’s all gone.

In just a few months of reading her poems this I know

What you see is what you get, nothing is for show

She loves her family, her friends, shopping, and shoes

Also Aston Villa, though not so much when they lose.


She loves music, dancing and partying with friends

When Beverley is involved the fun never ends

There will be lots of huggles and maybe a kiss

Also laughter and fun you won’t want to miss.

She is generous, and giving of the time she will spend

For all Banbury Friends she will be there till the end

So let’s give three cheers for Beverley what do you say

Here’s to you….Beverley, Beverley, Hip Hip Hooray!!!

by Roger Peterson

Well Beverley this is just a small way I have of thanking you for all the poems you have allowed me to use, so other people may enjoy them to. From this it is obvious you love shoes, as is shown from the next photo. The vase was given to you by a friend because of your love of shoes, and the daffs you bought at M&S for £1 because you love the spring.

Bev loves the birds that visit the feeders in her garden robins and blue tits and the blackbirds looking for worms their song  is also hard to beat. These were donated by Anthony Morris from Oxford.




Blue tit


Black bird

Bev also loves to  gather friends around her for a party. The end of the year party she arranged with Banbury Friends, also raised money for Katherines House and Ambulance services. Here she is with a few friends at the party.


Bev also loves the snow in winter as long as it doesn't stay too long, luckily for her it doesn't usually in England so here from Vermont along with this blog is my snow picture from part of our back garden from a couple of weeks ago, incidently it is still here and has been added to!



That's it Bev, and readers with love from Dawn xx



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Reply Barbara
4:37 PM on January 12, 2018 
Thanks Dawn, it is nice to know the background of such a lovely lady. And so many poems from her friends. More power to her.