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October blog 2017

Posted by dawngriffis on October 7, 2017 at 10:15 AM

By now we are supposed to be a full colour throughout Vermont, with the trees showing off all their glory, let me say it seems to be running late!

It has been a busy month for me, of course we are still dealing with Mike’s pre and post heart surgery problems, I’m sure he has had enough!

For me in addition to all those commitments I have been trying to get a new Facebook page up and running, along with changing my web page a bit, take a look, plus making new knitting garments to sell. If I typed faster than hunt and peck, or still had Gladys as my secretary, she could type 167 words a minute, I’d be OK.

Let me explain, some of you may remember, because I can’t just sit and do nothing, I knitted a load of hats, all sizes (100). This was while Mike was in the hospital, and waiting for him at appointments. I have now progressed to baby and toddler sweaters/ jumpers. Almost all are my own design, or I’ve converted patterns to what I wanted. Obviously I have no need for all this knitting, so I thought I might make some pocket money by selling them. They are all listed on the Facebook page called Vermont Hand Knits, and they are gradually being added to my web site here, for those who don’t have Facebook. It is just a slow process. I’ll post a couple of sample pics at the very end for you to see. Ok that’s the end of my sales pitch!

On the Griffis family news, on the 15th, our youngest granddaughter Victoria Ada, is getting married in Kentucky to Austin Andrus, he is from Colorado, close to where we used to live. Most of the family is going down; sadly we will not be able to.

This month we have some lovely poems from our friend Beverley Coleman, who also just celebrated her 75 birthday in full Banbury style, including jiving like a teenager in the 50s. The farm stands in Vermont are bursting with all varieties of great veggies. If I was to buy all I wanted, I’d need a ton of money, and a walk-in cooler, neither of which is going to happen. I found some lovely fall color pictures from last year on line which I will post at the end.

This was Bev’s poem from her birthday party.

This is me in all my finery

Black & White or Claret & Blue

Matching knickers, matching bra

What is a girl to do.

Shoes of every colour

A heart that's made of gold

No I am not bragging

This is what I'm told.

A family to be proud of

Friends I would not change

The order that they came in

I would not rearrange.

I can get very emotional

As some of you well know

A wrong word out of context

Will make the tears flow.

Your here today to have some fun

So please take to the floor

I hope that you all love me

But I bet I love you more.

The next poem she wrote will bring back memories for each of us. Most she wrote fit with me, but my pics to go with it shows others 

Life’s Memories

By Beverley Coleman

I've shared so many memories

With you all over time

From times when I was just a kid

And didn't tow the line


I got in lots of mischief

Along with some of you

But we had fun and happiness

And so our friendships grew

Our teenage years with that first kiss

Our sweetheart on our arm

Our first Cigarette and Babycham

Suspenders keep calm

The walking home from dances

The Grand with double seats

The Wimpy on the Broad Street

Where we did often meet


Then in school

Struggling as you do

Trying to stretch the pennies

But then that's nothing new


Your kids grow up ...they want fast cars

There's no catching the bus

They want it all like yesterday

Not like all of us

So now as old age catches up

And some are on their own

We look back on those happy years

And how our kids have grown


Valarian growing out of a wall in Atnhoe just as it did when I was a child over 70 years ago picture by Lucy ?

Blackberries in the hedgerow watch for prickers - great for apple and blackberry pies photo by Ken Fitton

Crab apples make crab apple jelly we used to go scrumping for these, photo by Ken Fitton 

berries for the birds and Christmas decorations taken in Adderbury by Beverley Coleman

English red squirrels most sadly killed out by the American grey squirrel. 

Beverely's last poem this month is of course about Autumn and conkers (horse chestnuts)


By Beverley Coleman


The leaves are turning colour 

From Green to Yellow to Brown 

Another gust upon them

And they'll all come tumbling down.

They'll lay there like a carpet

All sodden from the rain 

Slippy on the pavements 

Always a walkers bane.

The children love this time of year 

As conkers they collect

Amongst the debris on the floor

The prickly skins protect.


Summer flowers are dying

Their work on earth is done

They've given off some colour

Though they haven't seen much sun.

Dark nights are approaching

Wood burners are lit

Turn the central heating on

You'll need it in a bit.

Shops are getting ready 

Their changing all their stock 

Rows and rows of bargains 

So to the sales we flock.


I love a bargain anytime 

You know I love to shop 

Spring Summer whenever

I'm never gonna stop

But just today shopping

Today is party day

So glad rags at the ready

I'll soon be making hay.

Four Corners farm beginning to show Fall colours 

Crossroads Farm stand looking very festive

Peppers -peppers and more peppers  at Crossroads Farm stand 

Route 125 in the Notch above Middlebury 

Grist Mill in Guildhall Vermont is lovely in autumn 

This is in Stowe at the Gentle Giants sleigh rides 

Sleepy Hollow Farm at Pomfret Vermont, this is close to us. 

baby and toddler sweaters/jumpers /cardigans.

2 adult hats and 1 child's hat

Have a great month

You can Email me from here by using this address 


below is my monthly screw up that I can't figure out how to take out and all the A on the left side is not of my doing but I can't get rid of either so sorry to be so inept!!!

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