Vermont Gardening Memoir Vermont Gardening Memoir VGM Rustic Road sun bed 198264620 VGM Dawn in garden on Rustic Road 198264621 Vermont Gardening Memoir Number 2 & 1 greenhouses 198264622 VGM Inside # 1 greenhouse 198264623 VGM Mike in # 1 198264624 VGM Dawn in shade ho 198264625 VGM British garden Import delivery 198264626 VGM Farm stand at home 198264627 VGM 10 inch viola & alyssum basket 198264628 VGM Our farm stand at Norwich Farmer's Market Vermont 198264629 VGM Display bed # 6 greenhouse 198264630 VGM Sleeping & relaxed customers at Griffis Gardens 198264631 VGM Mature V shaped basket at a Windsor Vermont customer's home 198264632 VGM Display stand of ours at a New Hampshire home's garden party 198264633 VGM Pots planted for a wedding 198264634 VGM 36 inch hanging basket with over 200 plants in it. 198264635 VGM Another 36 inch basket with same amount of plants in it. 198264638 VGM An external around corners of building about 100 plants in it. 198264637 VGM Double plant stand at about half way through to maturity. It will mature until only base of stand will be visible 198264636 VGM Deluxe Quad stand holds 4, 14 inch baskets & 2 18 inch half baskets around pole. 198264639 VGM Indoor pond in Canaan NH 198264641 VGM Our front porch last year where we now live. 198264640